Monday, March 30, 2009

Remaining shirts and poster prints for sale

Hello everyone,

I have a few remaining t-shirts and several of the unsigned poster prints for sale on ebay. Click here for a link to my items. Proceeds from the sale of these items go towards the reunion event expenses.

The posters signed by everyone who attended (THANKS!) the reunion are being mounted now. The signed/mounted posters will be sold at a later date. 100% of the proceeds from the signed/mounted posters will go to BMX charities including Mike Vincent, Stephen Murray, Athlete Recovery Fund and Eddie Roman's son who was recently born with a birth defect.

Friday, March 13, 2009

ESPN Action Sports-Brian Tunny Blog

Brian Tunny asked me to do an interview about the Old School Reunion for his blog on ESPN/ Read it here... thanks for the kind words Brian!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Woodward Rules and Regulations

Woodward's rules are pretty simple, but no exceptions, period, so don't even think of asking.

1) EVERYONE needs to check in at the Woodward West Lodge front desk to sign Woodward's waivers. Everyone includes kids, spouses, girlfriends etc. even if they are not riding/skating. After you check in and sign the required paperwork you will receive a wristband. No wristband, no access to camp, no riding, no exceptions. If you are caught riding without a wristband you will be asked to leave.

2) No guests unless you/they have received an invite confirmation from me. This is a private event and not open to the public. The event is at capacity and I can't add any additional guests or send additional invites, unless it's Mike Buff or Brian Deam. I apologize to anyone who waited until the last min.

3) No minors unless accompanied by a parent. You CAN NOT bring your nephew, niece, kids friends or neighbors kids. This is a tough one, and apologize in advance if this situation occurs, minors will not be allowed at camp without their parent.

4) Helmet, elbow and knee pads required, and will not be supplied so bring your own.
No on-site medical will be provided, this is just like any other backyard session...except its Woodward with a bunch of old dudes who will be taking a lot of Advil on Monday.

If myself or Woodward staff (and hopefully I can count on some of you) catch anyone breaking the rules, they will be asked to leave. Sorry for the strict enforcement but please respect Woodward rules and polices or we may not be allowed back. Thanks for your corporation and understanding.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Woodward Meal Form

Woodward was kind enough to come up with a great option for meals during the event. Please contact me to receive the Woodward Meals Reservation Form.

From the Woodward meal reservation form: "Meals are available for Old School BMX Reunion guests through reservation only. Only advanced purchase is available. ABSOLUTE RESERVATION DEADLINE IS MONDAY, MARCH 16 AT 10:00AM pacific time. On-site meal purchases are NOT available. No charge for guests ages 3 and younger when eating with a paid meal-package guest. NO REFUNDS. Meal tickets will be distributed upon arrival; not responsible for lost or stolen meal tickets. No other food service will be available on property for this event".

If you don't order Woodward meals your food choices are limited to Stallion Springs (1 min. drive/2 choices) or Tehachapi (25-30 min. drive/several choices.).