Saturday, March 27, 2010

OS BMX Reunion Check-in, Schedule and Rules

  • Everyone must check-in at the Lodge, not the camp office. Will be required to fill out a waiver and will receive a wrist band which you will need all weekend to have access to camp.
  • The invite list is closed and you must be on the invite list to attend, no guest please, the event is at capacity. This is a private event and is not open to the public. Sorry if you didn't receive an invite but walk ups or party crashers will be turned away.
  • If you're not staying in Woodward lodging there is a $15 per person/per day fee. You will be able to ride and attend all the festivities.


  • Arrival & check-in after 2:00pm at the Lodge (across the covered bridge, top of the hill), don't check in at the camp office. Afternoon and evening riding session.
  • Woodward West Lodge Lounge bar will open around 8:30pm. No food at the Lodge Lounge but there are a few decent places to eat in Stallion Springs. My plan is to eat at the Italian place called Papa's around 5:30, ride until 8:30 and then head to the Lodge Lounge.
  • Hanger is open until 11:00pm
  • All day session from 9:00am-dusk, the Hanger will be open until 11:00pm
  • Special surprise screening at 7:00 and 8:15 in the theater at camp
  • Party Saturday night at the Lodge Lounge - Woodward West doors open at 9:45pm-1:00am
  • Check out of Rooms by 11:00am Riding areas open from 9:00am-1:00pm
  • Event ends 1:00


Woodward's rules are pretty simple, but no exceptions.

  1. No minors unless accompanied by a parent. You can't bring your nephew, niece, kids friends or neighbors kids. This is a tough one, and apologize in advance if this situation occurs, minors will not be allowed at camp without their parent.
  2. Helmet, elbow and knee pads required, and will not be supplied so bring your own.
  • *NOTE* No on-site medical will be provided, this is just like any other backyard session...except its Woodward with a bunch of old dudes who will be taking a lot of Advil on Monday.

Thanks for your corporation and understanding.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Reunion update

I had to cut off the invited guest list at 230+ confirmed attendees.

If you haven't sent in your meal form they are due by Monday, March 29th. Email me at my gmail address if you need a meal form.

Also, if you're a confirmed attendee not staying in Woodward housing there is a $15 per person/per day fee. You will be able to ride, attend the other festivities including the party on Saturday night.

T-Shirts will be available at the event for $20, proceeds go towards the party on Sat. night. Thanks to Matt Brady and Renee Lawter at Eyerus for the design and production!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Old School BMX bike show on Saturday

John Povah is helping put together a old school BMX bike show on Saturday during the reunion. Please contact me if you are attending and would like to bring a few bikes from your collection. Thanks John!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

OS BMX Reunion attendees

Crazy (partial) list of old school super heros again this year, updates in blue.

Michael Dominguez
Eddie Fiola
Bryan Blyther
Scot Breithaupt
Dave Nourie
Ron Wilkerson
Mat Hoffman
Dennis Mccoy
Joe Johnson
Pete Augustin
Oscar Gonzalez
Hugo Gonzalez
Robert Castillo
Woody Itson
Donovan Ritter
Marc McGlynn
Steve McCloud
Kevin Martin
Stephan Prantl
Rich Sigur
Todd Lyons
Lee Reynolds
Tony Murray
George Smoot
Gale Webb
Joel Alamo
Chris Moller
Robbie Miranda
Keith Mulligan
Alan Foster
Andy Shohara
Jay Eggleston
Ben Ward
Xavier Mendez
Mark Gray
Sean McKinney
Steve Blackely
Wade Nelson
Albert Ocampo
Jared Souney
DJ Greyboy
Mike Krnaich
Danny Schow
Keith Mulligan
Ron McCoy
Warren Marchese
Marty Schlisinger
Dino DeLuca
Eddie Roman
Brad Blanchard
Christian Van Hanja
Dog Randazzo
Steve Broderson
Martin Aparijo
Josh White

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