Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Worlds 2009

I'm headed to the IBMXFF World Championships today. It's truly one of thewadehugeF&^%#air.jpg best events in Freestyle BMX year after year, great time with great people. As an added bonus the Haro legends are putting on demo this year...a can't miss!

American BMX Pros, support this event with your attendance. The BMX Worlds should be as heavily attended by the best riders in BMX as any of the big network events. It's our chance to show the world we can support ourselves, and through our own interpretation of a massive BMX event. The
parties surrounding the Worlds are reason enough to make the trip!

American BMX media, you should heavily cover this event (every year) for the same reasons listed above.

BMX'ers everywhere, you need to go to the Worlds at least once, if not to compete then just for fun and support the event.

Check out some of my favorite photos from the 2005 Worlds in Prague on my flickr page.

Check out the Words live webcast on


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